Wide Area Networking Information

IP Addressing   IP Addresses and Subnetting

CIDR Address Table   Table Listing Number of Networks in a CIDR Block

TCP/IP   TCP/IP Protocol Basics

DNS   Domain Name Server

Traceroute   Troubleshooting network connection problems

ISDN   Integrated Services Digital Network

PPP   Point-to-Point Protocol

Frame Relay   Frame Relay Basics

CSU/DSU   Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit

Routers   How they work

Switches   Types of Switches and how they work

Terminal Servers   Dial-up Connection Devices

Telcos   The Telephone Companies

Data Lines   Digital Signal Classifications

Circuit Turn-up   Making The Connection Active

RADIUS   Remote Authentication Dial In User Service

Books about Networking   Books to buy, books to avoid

My Job

I am a network consultant based in Southern California. My duties include network design and deployment, network troubleshooting, requesting data lines from the telcos, obtaining IP addresses, configuring routers (Cisco, Ascend, ACC, Bay Networks) and switches (3Com and Bay), installing Domain Name Servers, providing for system backup, and emergency power.

I also configure network management software such as HP Openview Network Node Manager (under HP-UX v12.x, Solaris 2.x, and Windows NT 4.0).

I work with Fast Ethernet, FDDI, ISDN, DSL, Frame Relay, SMDS, ATM, T3 lines, T1 lines, and Fractional T1 lines, in order to connect our clients' networks.

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