Digital Signal Classifications

Common Name Capacity Comment
  DS0 64kbps     Basic Building Block for Fractional DS1  
  DS1 1.544Mbps     8kbps for framing, 1.536Mbps usable
  E1 2.048Mbps     Europe and Japan
  E3 34.368Mbps     Europe and Japan
  DS3 44.736Mbps     672 DS0s
  OC-1 51.840Mbps     Optical Fiber
  OC-3 155.520Mbps     Optical Fiber; 3 x 51.840Mbps
  OC-3c 155.520Mbps     Optical Fiber; "c" stands for concatenated  
  OC-12 622.080Mbps     Optical Fiber
  OC-48   2,488.320Mbps     Optical Fiber
When it is run over a 4-wire copper cable, a DS1 is known as a T1. When a DS3 is run over coaxial cable it is known as a T3.
The "c" in OC-3c means the entire bitstream is concatenated into a single framing format reducing overhead. Ordinary OC-3 pipes are actually three distinct 51.840 Mbps bitstreams (OC-1) each carrying a separate framing overhead.

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