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This is a portion of Tactical Pilotage Chart TPC K-10A, a 1:500,000 Tactical Pilotage Chart showing a large portion of the Tactical Area Of Responsibilty of the 1st Battalion 69th Armor when it was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division in 1967 through 1970. This section covers the area from the Ban Me Thout in the northwest, to Cam Ranh Bay in the south. When the mouse cursor changes from an arrow to a pointed finger the area can be clicked-on to pop up a window which describes the area. Note the numbers in RED are the L7014 Series Topographic Map Sheet Numbers.

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Creation Date: Thursday, March 4, 1999
Last Modified: Thursday, March 4, 1999
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Duc Lap CIDG Camp Buon Tsuke CIDG Camp Ban Don CIDG Camp Ban Me Thout Ban Me Thout East Rubber Plantation Duc My CIDG Camp Khanh Duong CIDG Camp City of Nha Trang Cam Ranh Bay Ninh Hoa Map Name - Bon Drang Phok Map Name - Bon Dak Ndrot (SVN & Cambodia) Map Name - Xo Tho Thanh Map Name - Ban Don Map Name - Buon Ho Map Name - Ban Ti Srenh Map Name - Ban Me Thout Map Name - Buon Trap Map Name - Phu Duc Map Name - Buon Ea Thi Map Name - Ban M Trong Map Name - Ban M Gam Map Name - Lien Thach Map Name - Van Gia Map Name - Nha Trang Map Name - Ninh Hoa Map Name - Buon Thach Trai Map Name - E Lam Thuong Map Name - B Du Damour Map Name - Lak Ea Gam Map Name - Buon Ja Ea Kaut Map Name - Ban Kia Map Name - Phi Sroin Map Name - Buon Dong Bak Map Name - Duc Xuyen Map Name - Ban Ndoh Map Name - Nghia Tin Map Name - Duc Minh (SVN & Cambodia)