69th Armor Unit Crest

1st Bn 69th Armor

Black Panther

Vitesse Et Puissance

Ed Stewart's Phan Thiet Photo Archive

Unloading The Tanks   Unloading the M-48A3s from an LST at Phan Thiet

M-48A3 Back Deck   The back deck weighed two tons

NVA Cache   Uncovering an NVA cache

NVA Tunnel   They found a tunnel at this cache

Crew Pose   Ever notice how many photos have guys posing in front of a tank?

Tankers   Nice beret, anybody know who they are?

More Tankers   Who are these guys?

Ed Stewart   Gotta be Eddie Stewart with a cool 69th Armor crest on his beret

Ed Stewart   Ed Stewart trades his beret for a CVC helmet

Ed Stewart   A better shot of Ed Stewart's cool beret

EOD In Action   Judging by their non-chalance, I'd say EOD is blowing something

On Target   This looks like an air strike

Pulling the Pack   A closeup view of the fan towers on a pack

Field Hygiene   Grooming in the field

Gotta Look Good   A closeup of the groomee

What's His Name?   Okay, I give up; who is he?

And His?   Somebody's got to recognize him

Whos is This?   How about him?

Thick Bush   Is that an NVA behind him?

Is This an ARVN?   Got to be an LT

With a Friend   Who is with the LT?

Another Pack   Using a 5-ton Wrecker to pull a pack

Hard Work   Easing the pack out of the hull

All The Comforts   A cleverly constructed field shower

52 Ton Pillbox   You notice anything missing here?

Army Cots   The Ramada Inn it ain't, but it beats sleeping on the ground

Not Tank Country   Hooking the tow cables meant getting wet

Tracks Spin Free   This is what we called "bellied"

Deep Mud   Well and truly mired

This May Take Awhile   Waiting for AAA

Hey!   Over here!

Order a New One   I think they gave up

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