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2nd Battalion 17th Artillery Photos

These photos were graciously contributed by John deTreville of the 2nd Battalion of the 17 Field Artillery. They were taken in 1967 & 1968. Except where noted, they were taken along Highway QL19E. All photos are copyright © John deTreville (all rights reserved).

Aerial view of LZ Scheuller - Note the five gun pits and the two tanks.

Charlie 16 - Tanks accompany artillery on raid to CP102

Tanks and APCs - Get ready for operation at LZ Schueller. Note 105mm howizter in foreground.

Charlie 12 and 35 - At LZ Schueller.

Pony Cart - Pony cart & souvenir stands in An Khe. (the store sign says Bong Son, but it is An Khe).

Tank makes dust - Headed past Montegnard village on Highway 19.

Montangard Woodcutters - Montangard Woodcutters returning to one of the villages near Oc Noc.

Montangard Craftsmen - making crossbows, and arrows that would be tipped with Curare.

Looking towards Mang Yang - From LZ Action. Note convoy headed east.

Mang Yang from summit - Top of Mang Yang looking east on road to GM 100 grave site.

Bridge Two-Six - This is Bridge Two-Six in 1967. Note dropped span, temporary metal bridge, and bypass.

Aerial View Hwy 19 - The road twists and turns as seen from an observation aircraft.

Highway 19 - Convoy on Hwy 19 from Oc Noc, montangard village in distance.

Hon Cong Mountain - Inside Camp Radliff near An Khe. Note giant 1st Cavalry patch and radio relay station.

Monument - Monument to Groupe Mobile 100 at base of Mang Yang Pass. Inscription in French and Vietnamese.

French Armored Vehicle - The one that was beside the road near LZ Schueller between SP3 and SP4 (6-inch pipeline in forground).

Charlie 15 - With the pack out at LZ Schueller.

Herding cattle - Herd of cattle being driven home at curfew time on Hwy 19 near An Khe.

Bridge at Checkpoint 24 - This may be bridge 19. Note the temporary metal bridge over the dropped span.

Convoy Start - Trucks line up as convoy assembles at same bridge as previous photo.

ARVN compound - ARVN outpost near the base of An Khe Pass on Hwy 19 at BR914323

Aerial of An Khe Pass - Looking east from observation aircraft.

L1-19/O-1 aircraft - used to fly cover on Hwy 19 from the 203rd RAC (Recon. Avn Co. or Airplane Co), better known as "Hawkeye".

APCs of 1/50th Infantry (M) - 1/50 Inf operation south of Hwy 19 west of Oc Noc, note Montagnard observers in forground.

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