69th Armor Unit Crest

1st Bn 69th Armor

Barry Dwyer's Vietnam Photos

B Co., 2nd Platoon, Jan-Apr. 1968

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Photo 01   OJT tanker Dwyer badly in need of a shower

Photo 02   Roadbuilding security outside Pleiku near a plantation. Rountree and Coombs on B21 "Bootlegger" watching & waiting

Photo 03   L-R Dwyer, Gordon Rountree and LT Rick Hasty on B21 north of Pleiku

Photo 04   LT Hasty (L) studies map and his Asst. TC, Sgt. Dave Coombs, with his AK-47

Photo 05   LT Hasty during an operation with a mech. infantry unit

Photo 06   Sgt. Bailes and an unidentified tanker

Photo 07   Bridge/pontoon tank and VTR

Photo 08   Motor pool scene at LZ Uplift

Photo 09   Best friends this OJT tanker ever had; LT Rick Hasty, Rountree and Dave Coombs on Bootlegger

Photo 10   On the road, HWY 19E, An Khe Pass hairpin, Apr 1968

Photo 11   Dave Coombs inspects hulk of old French tank on 19E

Photo 12   On line, 21 Apr 1968, Opn MENG HO 11, minutes before assault on Ky Son. Two ROK APCs and B21 in background. LT Hasty and Meerholz can be seen on Bootlegger. In ensuing firefight, crew wounded, Meerholz KIA, and LT Hasty fighting tank and earning Silver Star

Photo 13   VTR moves in to retrieve mired tank near Ky Son during MENG HO 11

Photo 14   L-R: Rountree, Meerholz and LT Hasty (unidentified tanker in b'ground) with B21 mired in muck during ops with 173rd Abn Bde near Qui Nhon

Photo 15   One of the villages evacuated during MENG HO 11

Photo 16   B Company's Top Newhouse, a great, tough, mother hen of a 1st Sgt. who lost an eye during 5 May 1968 battle of An Bao. Retired to Texas. Note bottle of hot sauce, which was added to about everything we ate

Photo 17   Convoy security, tankers and mama-sans

Photo 18   View inside turret. Gunner's seat & controls. OJT tanker's home for 4 months

Photo 19   Ditto, but lower view

Photo 20   Pulling maintenance on the .50 cal. at Uplift

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