III/IV Corps Boundary

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This is a portion of Map/Chart Sheet TPC K-10D showing the III/IV Corps Tactical Area Of Responsibility Boundary. Note the numbers in RED are the L7014 Series Topographic Map Sheet Numbers.

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Creation Date: Thursday, March 4, 1999
Last Modified: Thursday, March 4, 1999
Copyright Ray Smith, 1996, 2003

Tay Ninh City Tay Ninh AF Black Virgin Mountain Ben Suc Village Xom Ben Co Village Ben Cat Iron Triangle Dau Tieng AF Cu Chi Base Lai Khe AF Parrot's Beak Duc Hue AF Hau Nghia AF Moc Hoa AF Parrot's Beak Duc Hoa AF Long An AF Tan Son Nhut Airbase Newport Bridge Newport Bridge Long Thanh AF Long Binh Compound Long Binh Plantation AF Long Binh/Sanford AF Phu Loi AF Lam Son AF Di An AF Binh Gia AF Blackhorse AF Xuan Loc Phuoc Vinh Dinh Quan AF Vo Dat AF Gia Ray AF Nui Chua Chan Mountain Saigon City Bien Hoa Air Base Ho Bo Woods Boi Loi Woods Fil Hol Rubber Plantation Luscombe AF Map Name - Tay Ninh Map Name - An Thanh (SVN & Cambodia) Map Name - Tri Tam (Quan Dau Tieng) Map Name - Hieu Thien (Go Dau Ha) Map Name - Xom Ruong Map Name - Ben Cat Map Name - Duc Hue [SVN & Cambodia] Map Name - Tuyen Nhon Map Name - Duc Hoa Map Name - Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Map Name - Tan An Map Name - Can Giuoc Map Name - Go Cong Map Name - My Tho Map Name - Khiem Ich (Cai Lay) Map Name - Phuoc Vinh Map Name - Tan Uyen (Xa Uyen Hung) Map Name - Bien Hoa Map Name - Nhon Trach (Pu Thanh) Map Name - Xa Xuan Locc Map Name - Xa Binh Ba Map Name - Xuyen Moc Map Name - Xam Cam My Map Name - Dinh Quan Map Name - Xa Gia Kiem Map Name - Khiem Ich (Cai Lay) Map Name - Ap Cau Cay Map Name - Loi Tan Map Name - Can Gio Map Name - Xa Vung Tau (Cap Saint Jacques) Map Name - Cho Phuoc Hai