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This is a portion of Map/Chart Sheet TPC K-10D showing the northeastern part of the III Corps Tactical Area Of Responsibility. Note the numbers in RED are the L7014 Series Topographic Map Sheet Numbers.

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Creation Date: Thursday, March 4, 1999
Last Modified: Thursday, March 4, 1999
Copyright Ray Smith, 1996, 2003

Gia Nghia AF Duc Xuyen AF Dalat Cam Ly AF Dalat Lien Khuong AF Phan Rang AB City of Phan Rang Song Mao AF Dong Ba Thin AF/CIDG Camp Cam Ranh Bay AB Cam Ranh South AF Tan Phat Airfield Bao Loc Plantation AF Bao Loc AF UTM Grid Zone 49P Dalat City Dalat Dam Map Name - Nghia Tin Map Name - Ban Ndoh Map Name - Phi Sroin Map Name - Gia Nghia (Nghia Duc) Map Name - Kro Layu Map Name - Ngoc Son Map Name - Da Lat Map Name - Ban Kia Map Name - B Du Damour Map Name - Don Duong Map Name - E Lam Thuong Map Name - Thon Ma Ty Map Name - Cam Ranh Map Name - Nha Trang Map Name - Thanh Hai Map Name - Thon Son Hai Map Name - Thon Vu Bon Map Name - Phan Rang Map Name - Ma Noi Map Name - Hai Ninh Map Name - Soprai Map Name - Dai Ninh Map Name - Ap Gia Bac Map Name - Di Linh Map Name - Bao Loc Map Name - B Dan Deung Map Name - Bao Loc Map Name - Soprai