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This is a portion of Tactical Pilotage Chart TPC K-10B, a 1:500,000 Tactical Pilotage Chart showing a portion of the I Corps Tactical Area Of Responsibilty. This section covers the area from Da Nang in the north, to Tam Ky in the south, and Laos in the west to the South China Sea. When the mouse cursor changes from an arrow to a pointed finger the area can be clicked-on to pop up a window which describes the area. Note the numbers in RED are the L7014 Series Topographic Map Sheet Numbers.

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Creation Date: Thursday, March 4, 1999
Last Modified: Thursday, March 4, 1999
Copyright Ray Smith, 1999

A Shau Valley UTM Grid Zone 48Q UTM Grid Zone 48P Da Nang (Danang) Marble Mountain Ha Tan Airfield/CIDG Camp LZ Baldy An Hoa AF/CIDG Camp Highway QL1N Tam Ky Base/Airfield Kham Duc CIDG Camp/AF Laos/Ho Chi Minh Trail Map Name - A Sap (SVN & Laos) Map Name - Nong Troung Nam Dong Map Name - Ta Ko (SVN & Laos) Map Name - Atiun Map Name - Muang Bac Map Name - A Ro (SVN & Laos) Map Name - Peta Pac (SVN & Laos) Map Name - Kason Mai Map Name - Ben Giang Map Name - Hiep Duc Map Name - Tam Ky Map Name - Hau Duc (Tien Tra) Map Name - Tien Phuoc (Phuon An) Map Name - Hoian [Hoi An] Map Name - Dai Loc Map Name - Khu Pho Nam Tho Map Name - Da Nang Map Name - Q Phu Loc Map Name - Thuong Duc (Ha Tan)