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These photos were graciously contributed by Frank Washburn of Charlie Company, 704th Maint Bn. They were taken at LZ Schueller in early-to-mid-1970. The sky was never this cloudy in the fall and winter so it must be late spring, early summer. In the first photo, you can see a convoy moving east on QL19 toward An Khe. The "V" of the Mang Yang Pass is clearly visible on the horizon. We could never figure out why those S-curves in the road existed. Just beyond where the road disappears on the left is where the majority of the ambushes occurred.

The tanks and APCs belong to a Cav unit from the 4th Infantry, possibly B Troop 1st/10th Cav (Buffalo Cav). They are shooting at the old French tank that sat alongside Highway Ql19E (at grid BR340461) since June 24, 1954. They towed it back to LZ Shueller and placed it on the north side of the road. They then blew it apart. Over the hill in the foreground, where the road disappears, was where Groupement Mobile 100 was ambushed for the third time on June 24, 1954. The second ambush occurred just about where LZ Shueller was built 11 years later.

Convoy on QL 19E - Convoy Moves east on QL19, Mang Yang Pass on horizon, 1970, Frank Washburn

Cav APC - 10th Cav M-113 with S-curve of QL19 in background, 1970, Frank Washburn

SP 155mm Howitzer - Self-propelled 155mm howitzer at LZ Schueller 1970, Frank Washburn

M-109 A-14 - A-14 of 5th Bn 16th Field Artillery, 4th Infantry Division, 1970, Frank Washburn

M-48A3 of 10th Cav - Grabbing Caliber 50 ammo, 1970, Frank Washburn

M48A3 fires - Firing at the old french tank, concussion blurs photo, 1970, Frank Washburn

Preparing to fire - Tanks and SPGs prepare to fire at old French tank, 1970, Frank Washburn

M-109 Fires - Shakes the ground, huh? 1970, Frank Washburn

Direct hit - Old French tank visible in distance, 1970, Frank Washburn

These photos were graciously contributed by Russell "Gus" Reynolds of Bravo Company, 704th Maint Bn. They were taken at west of LZ Oasis, possible in Cambodia in mid-1969. They show the crew of a 704th service and evacuation section M-88 VTR on it's way out to retrieve an M-48A3 which slipped off the dirt road. Gus Reynolds indicates that they successfully recovered the tank. The tanks belong to either the 1/69th Armor or the 1st/10th Cav (Buffalo Cav). Bet these guys where glad the 704th showed up to haul them out!

The side-view photo of the M-88 VTR (Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery) "Roadrunner" was taken in May 1969. "Roadrunner" was the VTR shown in the photos showing the recovery of the M-48A3.

Crew of VTR - Photo taken from the top of the M-88 in convoy, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

M-48A3 from the rear - You can tell it was raining, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

M-48A3 again - The convoy is bunched-up, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

Stuck M-48A3 - Had to be embarrassing, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

Front View M-88 - VTR "Big and Ugly", Bravo Company, 704th Maint Bn 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

Side View M-88 - VTR "Roadrunner", Bravo Company, 704th Maint Bn 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

Also contributed by Russell "Gus" Reynolds these photos show the track park at LZ Oasis. The tanks could belong to the 1/69th. They show some serious after-action maintainence. The VTRs have their booms extended, meaning they were either pulling packs or lifting track. One VTR is changing a track, as are several tanks. One tank appears to have hit a mine, sitting on its belly with its road wheels gone. Another has its powerpack sitting on the ground behind it.

It does not appear muddy, so these photos were probably taken prior to the rainy season in this area, which was April to August. They offer a panoramic view of the track park.

LZ Oasis view 1 - Tanks and VTR pull maintainence, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

LZ Oasis view 2 - Tank and VTR chaning tracks, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

LZ Oasis view 3 - Mine damaged tank in middle, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

LZ Oasis view 4 - M-113 "Little 8", crew covered with dust, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

LZ Oasis view 5 - Hectic activity in the track park, 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

Fred Fetterman on VTR - Coach-class on VTR "Roadrunner", 1969, Russell "Gus" Reynolds

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