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Working with Bravo Company 1st Bn 50th Infantry (Mech)

These photos were graciously contributed by Sandford Pottinger of Bravo Company, 1/50th Infantry (Mechanized). Except where noted, they were taken along Highway QL19E. They show a combined tank-infantry sweep of the road between Bridge 22 and LZ Schueller. In most of the photos, the mountains around the Mang Yang Pass are visible in the distance. The pipeline is on the north side of the road here. Further west, beyond LZ Schueller, the pipeline crossed the road and ran on the south side of the road to pump stations 7 and 8. The photos of C-12 were taken after we moved the caliber 50 machine gun from the pedestal-mount in front of the TC's hatch where it always swung around and hit me (SSG Hughes put it there) to the Chrysler mount in front of the loader's hatch.

Additional photos were graciously provided by Roger Burch of Bravo Co, 1/50th. They show SSG Chet Brewer working on the power pack of C-13 at LZ Schueller on January 14th, 1969, just one day before he was wounded in an ambush on QL19.

Bridge 22 - Bridge 22, looking west along QL19, Jan 1969, Sandy Pottinger

My M48A3, Charlie 12 - That's me in the TCs hatch, Jan 1969, courtesy of Sandy Pottinger

My M48A3, Charlie 12 - Charlie 12 alongside pipeline, Jan 1969, Sandy Pottinger

Bravo Co M-113s with Charlie 12 - Mang Yang Pass on horizon , Jan 1969, Sandy Pottinger

Bravo Co M-113s from M-578 - , Jan 1969, Sandy Pottinger

Highway 19 looking east - Looking twoard the An Khe Pass, Jan 1969, Sandy Pottinger

Charlie -9 M-578 at LZ Uplift - The M-578 was a light VTR, mid-1969, Sandy Pottinger

Bravo-9 M578 at Phan Thiet - Surrounded by M-113 APCs, Late 1969, Sandy Pottinger

1/50th Hootch at LZ Schueller - Bravo Co mechanic's hootch, Nov 1968, Sandy Pottinger

Duece and a half at LZ Uplift - Could be a five-ton, it has a winch, Jan 1969, Sandy Pottinger

SSG Chet Brewer - Chet working on new Alison CD-850 trans at LZ Schueller, Jan 14, 1969, Roger Burch

M-578 Bravo-9 - Pulling pack from C-13 at LZ Schueller, Jan 14, 1969, Roger Burch

B-1/50th at Radcliff - Jones and 1SG "Fat Albert", Jan 1969, Roger Burch

B-1/50th TOC LZ Schueller - SGT Osborne. Note beer coolers with ice, Jan 1969, Roger Burch

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