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LZ North English

Also called LZ English North, this FSB was located at BS883056 and was a 173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate) base of operations. The 2nd/503rd Infantry (Airborne) operated from here as did the 4th/173rd Engineers. The 19th Engineer Battalion's Headquarters, A Company, and the 137th (LE) Engineer Company all worked from this location in mid-1968.

According to John Boyle:

"My unit, the 19th Engineer Battalion (Combat)(Army), built LZ North English in July of 1967. We occupied it continuously until mid or late in 1969, when a battalion of the 173rd Airborne took it over. The book "Platoon Leader" by James McDonough is about an element of that 173rd battalion, operating primarily in the village of Truong Lam, which is due east of LZ North English on the map, close to the sea. Our engineer battalion had its companies spread out up QL-1 to Mo Duc (North of Duc Pho); namely C Company at LZ Lowboy (BS 913 145), near Tam Quan, and D Company at LZ Thunder (BS 868 318), south of Duc Pho, and B Company at LZ Max (BS 763 472) near Mo Duc. The D Company AO is reported in Frederick Downs' book "The Killing Zone" (late 1967 events); although Downs' accounts are grossly inaccurate in some details. The 19th Engineers had the reputation of being "the most shot at engineer unit in Vietnam." We lost 87 KIA, by our most current count, in our time in that area, and an untold number of WIA. We have an Association with many on-line members, many of whom have photographs of these LZs available. We were responsible for opening and maintaining the road (QL-1) and all of its bridges, from the north side of the river at Bong Son to Mo Duc, for over two years."

John B. "Doc" Boyle HQ, C & D Companies 19th Engr Bn 11/66 - 02/68

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