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LZ Bronco/Duc Pho

Located at BS 812-383 in Quang Ngai province in 1970 (Binh Dinh province in 1983), I Corps. arly on base was occupied by elements of the 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (which at the time was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lighting) on April 19, 1967. In 1968 11th Light Infantry Brigade took over the Duc Pho area. Here is an aerial view of LZ Bronco (Photo courtesy John Stymerski 483rd CAMS).

The airfield (Photo courtesy John Stymerski 483rd CAMS) was constructed by the 8th Engineer Battalion in an incredible 24 hours in April 1967. More than two hundred tons (Photo courtesy John Stymerski 483rd CAMS) of heavy equipment was airlifted by CH-54 Flying Crane and CH-47 helicopters into Duc Pho to build the forward combat base. After two more days the 8th Engineers had enlarged the runway to the point where it could handle C-123 cargo aircraft. The entire 2nd Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) was airlifted into Duc Pho in an astonishing 36 hours.

The 1st Cavalry Division was taking over allowing the Marines who had originally been located here to move further north into I Corps.

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