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Chu Lai

Located in Quang Tin province, I Corps. Initially occupied by elements of the U.S. Marines, it was later taken over by elements of the Americal (23rd Infantry) Division in late 1967. "Chu Lai" is not a Vietnamese name. It is actually the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation of the initials of Marine General Charles C. Krulak (C.K.).

Here is a photo of the airbase at Chu Lai (photo courtesy John Stymerski 483rd CAMS). In addition to fixed-wing the airfield also played host to a variety of rotary-wing aircraft such as CH-47 Chinook medium lift transport choppers as well as slicks and snakes (UH-1D transport and AH-1G gunships) (photo courtesy John Stymerski 483rd CAMS). The airbase had a 10,000 foot concrete runway and a 6,000 foot aluminum-mat runway.

Chu Lai was home to the 3rd marine Division FMF (Fleet Marine Force) Headquarters, the Heaquarters of the 23rd Infantry Division (Americal), and VMF-225, a Marine A-4 attack squadron. It was also the location of the Special Forces Detachment B-11, 5th Special Forces Group, the 1st Marine Air Wing (MAW), and the 1st Marine Division FMF HQs.

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