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An Thoi AF

Located at US 940-070 on Phu Quoc Island, Gulf of Thailand, IV Corps. 3,600 foot steel-mat runway at 16 feet above sea level. This photo shows the final approach (Courtesy Peter A. Bird) to An Thoi airfield from a C-7 Caibou. This photo shows the gate gate (Courtesy Peter A. Bird) at the An Thoi Airfield.

Aerial view of the Port of An Thoi. (Courtesy Peter A. Bird). There was a U.S. Navy Support Activity base located here. The harbor was a natural one which required no engineer effort to upgrade it. The beach was a brilliant white fine powder, not sand.

This is an aerial view of the PW Camp (US 940-070) which was run by ARVNs and held as many as 35,000 NVA and VC PWs here. Note that POW refers to allied Prisoners Of War, while PW refers to enemy Prisoners of War. (Courtesy Peter A. Bird) that was located here.

An Thoi was also home to a U.S Mobile Advisory Team (IV-44), and an MP Advisory Camp.

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