69th Armor Unit Crest

1st Bn 69th Armor

Gary Billings' Phan Thiet Photos

Unloading Tanks   Unloading the M-48A3s from an LST at Phan Thiet

Ray Bender & Ron Hartzell   Who are the others?

Bob McGee   Think that tank is muddy?

Breaking Brush   This is not tank country

Breaking More Brush   You know it's bad when you can't see the blast deflector

Torsion Bar   Looks like a broken torsion bar

Same Torsion Bar   They needed a welder to fix this torsion bar

More Torsion Bar   Don't know who he is, but it's the same torsion bar

Bob McGee   Bob McGee and who else?

Tankers   Ya got me here, don't know any of them

Office Job   Who is this guy who rates a pencil holder?

Nap Time   Who is this taking a nap?

Mystery Man   Same guy who is in the group shot three photos back

Pulling a Pack   We pulled an awful lot of packs

Nonchalant   Who is this holding the weapon?

SGT York   Is this Sergeant York?

Nice Pose   A suitably nonchalant pose, but who is he?

Office Job   Another mystery man with a pencil holder

Ed Stewart & Friend   I think that's Eddie Stewart on the left, but who is the other guy?

Winning Hearts and Minds   The ROKs left this VC body as a warning to others

Reaction Force   Three tanks get ready to move out from a firebase

Road March   This looks like Highway 19 in the highlands, escorting engineers

ROK Tiger Patch   The ROK Tiger Division Patch

SGT York   Sergeant York?

Sun Shade   Sun shade on an M-48A3 (the searchlight is missing)

Tank Infantry Sweep   Looks like a sweep with mechanized infantry

Track Park   A crowded track park

Another One Bites The Dust   Wounded NVA on a litter, looks like a shoulder wound

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